OEM or Aftermarket? (Choosing Replacement Parts)

It happens – a part on your vehicle breaks or just wears out.  The replacement part is very important. You want it to last and perform like new.  That’s why Douglas Automotive Repair uses quality replacement parts.  The parts we install on your vehicle will meet or exceed the specifications of the original parts.

Let’s break that down.  “Meets” means that the new parts will perform the same as the parts they’re replacing.  “Or exceeds” means that sometimes, the replacement parts improve on the original part. 

A replacement part choice may be tailored to your preferences.  Let’s take brake pads for example.  Perhaps you value quiet brakes.  Someone else prefers high-performance stopping power, or minimal brake dust accumulating on their wheels.  We can help you select brake pads that best meet your needs.

There are hundreds of thousands of auto parts needed to service all the vehicles on the road – including yours.  Douglas Automotive Repair will install the right parts for your vehicle. 

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