My Engine Overheated

Question: I was driving down the freeway and smoke started coming out of my car.  I pulled over and called my husband.  I had to be towed to my mechanic.  He said my car engine had overheated.  What can I do to prevent that in the future?

Tech Answer:  Oh, sounds like a rough experience.  Unfortunately overheating is the most common engine failure.  It’s also one of the easiest to prevent.

The basic idea is this: you need to keep enough coolant/antifreeze flowing through your engine to keep it cool.  Problems come when you develop leaks in the system – like in your radiator or a hose – and the coolant leaks out.  Sometimes the coolant gets so contaminated that it blocks up the radiator so the coolant can’t get through.  Enough of that and you end up broken down on the side of the road. 

Your owner’s manual recommends a schedule for replacing your coolant.  That’s because your coolant becomes corrosive over time and starts to eat away at the cooling system causing leaks or blockages.  New coolant stops that process.

Ask us at Douglas Automotive Repair about inspecting your cooling system for leaks, spongy hoses and other damage.  If it’s time to replace your coolant, hoses or other cooling system parts, have it done right away.  Prevention is the key.

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