Used Car Inspection

It’s natural for drivers to be a little anxious when they buy a used car; you worry that it has something wrong with it or that it hasn’t been well maintained. If it’s possible, bring the vehicle in for a used car inspection, sometimes called a Pre-Purchase Inspection, at Douglas Automotive Repair. We can tell you if there are current or emerging problems. The peace of mind is well worth the price of the inspection service.

It’s also important for new owners to get on track with the maintenance schedule and stay on track. If you don’t have maintenance records for the vehicle, assume the worst and get started with an oil change at Douglas Automotive Repair. The will reveal basic problems. Be sure to bring up any specific concerns you may have noticed. A more intense inspection can find hidden problems like body damage and sealer in A/C units which can be major expenses down the road.

Purchasing a Carfax report may let you know if the vehicle’s been in a major accident and give you a title history. You can find out if that ’71 Barracuda really was owned by a little old lady who only drove it to church on Sundays.

If you’ve bought well, there’s no reason to believe that with proper maintenance your “new” used vehicle won’t last a long time.

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